Destiny 2 Players Are Getting More Storage Space

Bungie is finally giving Destiny 2 more storage space, something the players have been asking for a long time.

Destiny 2 storage
Image credit: Bungie

Looter shooters are, as you can tell, full of loot. Sometimes there’s not enough space for all that loot. That’s a problem most looter shooter fans face, and Destiny 2 players aren’t immune to that problem. And they’ve been asking for more storage for a good while. Did Bungie listen? Yes, they finally heard our prayers and now everyone gets an extra 100 storage slots for their vault.

Your Destiny 2 storage allows for 600 items, quite a hefty number. Which isn’t all that big when you take into account years of farming and hoarding. Since the meta always shifts in these games, you need to be prepared. Which is hard when you don’t have the space for all your equipment.

Bungie is also looking into more ways to change the vault. What that means is not known at the time. However, Bungie does a great job when it comes to fulfilling players’ requests. Hopefully, that stays the same and we get even more vault space in the future.

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  1. Adioncy says

    What’s a pity. I hope it will be better on the next update. This game doesn’t get much storage space Papa’s Pizzeria . You should try once.

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