Dev Confirms Anthem Support Won’t Die Down

Chad Robertson said on Twitter that their development team is 100% committed to Anthem and its improvement.


Anthem is pretty much on its death bed, so the fact that the head of Live Services over at BioWare had to tweet out that they’re still working on the game is a bit strange. Isn’t this a sign that their game is dying at such a fast pace that they need to reassure the remaining players that they aren’t giving up yet? That’s how it looks like from our perspective, and everyone else. You know, since even the roadmap isn’t bringing the features players wanted on time. No matter how you look at it, Anthem is a landslide that keeps getting worse.

The only question is, will it improve over time? Various other games like No Man’s Sky and Sea of Thieves had horrible launches. Yet, with time and updates, these games are pretty fun to play today. Will the exact same thing happen with Anthem? Perhaps, but BioWare has proven that they don’t have great leadership or decision making when it comes to this game.

If you go over to Chad Robertson’s Twitter account you can see his latest attempts to sooth the situation by saying things like:

We remain 100% committed to Anthem and look forward to showing players the new content we are working on. We want to make sure we aren’t overpromising, so our updates on what’s coming in the game will be focused when we have things near completion

There are rumors that certain members of the team got moved to Dragon Age 4, which is said to be Anthem but with dragons. Naturally, we’re hoping that those rumors are just that, but it’s very likely that BioWare is moving on and looking to create some new live service game.

As of right now, the game is still in a pretty horrible state. Stale, with some bugs still around, and with rather bland content. Can BioWare perform a miracle and resurrect this looter shooter? Stay tuned and find out!

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