Devil May Cry 5 Could Come To Nintendo Switch?

2019 has already had some big game releases like Kingdom Hearts 3, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Anthem, and many, many more, and March is set to have some pretty big releases as well. One of the biggest ones by far for this month though is that of Devil May Cry 5. The fifth (main) installment in the beloved over-the-top action hack-n-slash franchise is getting many gamers excited, especially for those who have consoles or PCs that will actually play the game. Which right now does not include the Nintendo Switch.

However, while nothing is officially confirmed, Capcom is saying that they would be very interested in porting Devil May Cry 5 over to the Switch if it was possible. This comes from game director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Matt Walker, who talked with Express on this and noted:

“We haven’t announced anything for Switch, right,” Walker and Itsuno explained. “We personally would love to play a Devil May Cry game on Switch. I’m one of those guys that always, I want to play everything on Switch. I’m always asking for ports.”

Devil May Cry 5

They were quick to backpedal though when asked if it was indeed planning to come to Switch:

“Either way, we haven’t announced anything for Switch, so let’s wait to see what happens.”

If the Switch was to pull off such a coup, it’d likely be a big move for both Nintendo and Capcom, as there are many who have a Switch that would love to play the game on the portable system.

This also falls in line with the movement that has been going on behind-the-scenes to try and get Dante (the main character of Devil May Cry) into Super Smash Bros. To which, one of the team behind the next game said that would be awesome, but that there have been no DMC games on a Nintendo platform If this gets ported though, it could change that.

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