Devil May Cry 5 Has Microtransactions

Gamers really don’t like it when triple-A titles have microtransactions. When you spend more $40 or more on a game like Devil May Cry 5 and it has microtransaction, you feel a bit angry you know?

Devil May Cry 5

In a Devil May Cry 5 demo, the people over at Gamespot saw that you could buy Red Orbs with real money. That is definitely a strange thing. Especially in a single player action game like this, why would you want to buy Red Orbs when you can just play the game and collect them that way? You see, these orbs are used for upgrades, so that means that you can just buy a bunch of these and get all the upgrades right away. An odd decision from the devs, and the players won’t like it one bit.

Devil May Cry 5

The real question is, how much Red Orbs will players get just by playing the game? You know everyone is going to be pretty pissed if the amount of orbs you get is low, and the enemies are tough. It will turn Devil May Cry 5 into a pay2win title even though it is a game you have to purchase to play. How you would feel if you were struggling to get past an area, while some other dude just buys a lot of orbs and gets access to upgrades that let him stroll through that exact area without any issues?

Devil May Cry 5

Still, these are issues that may not exist in the game. We will have to wait for the game to release and then see if these problems are present.

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