Diablo 3: The Darkening of Tristram Event Celebrates Diablo I

It seems like Blizzard is trying to use an event in Diablo 3 to celebrate everything that made Diablo I great and memorable.

Diablo 3

Is there a way for Blizzard to redeem themselves for the fiasco that they made with Diablo Immortal? Maybe, maybe not, but they are going to try with The Darkening of Tristram event which will send us down memory lane. Everyone remembers when they first ventured into one particularly ominous cathedral. Filled with all kinds of shady creatures, and such eerie music, it made everyone remember their time with Diablo I. This event aims to celebrate everything that made the first Diablo game great in an interesting way!

Diablo 3

What is this Diablo 3 event about then? It all starts with you hunting down some cultists, which inevitably leads you to a portal which takes you back into the past. Once you go into the portal, you will find yourself in a frightful cathedral which is looking extra terrifying thanks to RetroVision that makes Diablo 3 look a lot like Diablo I in terms of looks and atmosphere. Slay many demons from the past, find all kinds of awesome items from the first game, and go to face the Dark Lord in the catacombs beneath.

Diablo 3

This anniversary event has many special rewards for you to claim. Unique transmogrification effects, pets, achievements, portraits, and so on. What do you think, is this event something that you would be interested in? Let us know in the comments section down below!


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