Diablo II Celebrates Its 20th Birthday

Diablo II is the best ARPG to grace our computer screens so let’s all reminisce today as we celebrate the game’s 20th birthday.

Diablo II 20th birthday
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo II, the Perfect ARPG

The game that mastered the ARPG formula of killing monsters, collecting shiny items from their dead corpses, and then repeating the process on and on again. Quite a basic formula, but one that gets repetitive quite fast. However, Diablo II nailed it down, as the game is played even 20 years after its release. That’s not a feat that many titles achieve, but this cult-classic is still popular today. It’s also sad that no other game managed to achieve its level of greatness. Diablo 3 is mediocre at best, Path of Exile comes close, and Grim Dawn is essentially a true sequel, although a janky one at that. Impactful and meaty combat, extremely balanced drops, a lot of build diversity, and challenging and fun endgame. Diablo II managed to take all these aspects, hone them to near-perfection, and stitch them together into one exhilarating experience.

20th birthday

Today we drown in nostalgia as Diablo II is celebrating its 20th birthday. Oh yes, this game is almost as old as me. Don’t let that fool you, I played this like crazy when I was a kid. I’m even considering going through the game right now to see how it plays today. But that’s beside the point, we’re here to party and enjoy Diablo II and its 20th birthday. Blizzard decided to celebrate by looking back at how their hit ARPG influenced their other games and by giving everyone who logs onto Diablo 3 a set of  Prime Evil Wings. Just log into the game and you will get an achievement and these wings. Honestly, they look like shit, but they’re free so I guess that’s that.

Diablo II 20th birthday
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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