Diablo Immortal Already Earned Over $24M According To Appmagic

While we all hate Diablo Immortal, it seems that the game managed to earn over $24 million dollars according to Appmagic.

Diablo Immortal Appmagic
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Opinions are divided on Diablo Immortal. Well, not exactly divided per say. Let’s just say a lot of people absolutely hate the game and its insanely perverse microtransactions systems. But, even though the entire internet and Diablo fanbase outright deny the game’s existence, it seems like it’s making the big bucks.

Diablo Immortal was downloaded over eight million times according to Appmagic. And the game also earned $24.3 million in just two weeks. Seems like there are a lot of people that are playing the game and spending a ton of money on it. And this is even without counting the PC version of the game.

We don’t know how accurate this data is, but since the game is made to extract as much money from players as possible, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. This is making the entire Diablo fanbase anxious, as there’s a good chance that Diablo 4 might end up with similar transaction systems. Blizzard says they won’t go down this path with Diablo 4. But can we trust them after all of the controversies? Can we expect them to keep their word?

Diablo Immortal Appmagic
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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