Dota 2 Just Got Its Huge Outlanders Update

Dota 2 got its Outlanders Update which brings two new heroes, a redesigned map, changed items, heroes, and a bunch of new features!

Two new heroes from the Outlanders update
Image credit: Valve

The Outlanders update presents: Void Spirit and Snapfire

Valve’s MOBA, Dota 2, has been going through a rough patch these last few years. The player base keeps shrinking, and the game was in a dire situation. Well, maybe a huge change like the Outlanders update is exactly what Dota 2 needed. As all large updates, this one brings a lot of changes. Let’s go over the two new heroes first. First, there’s Void Spirit. The oldest of the spirit brothers, this melee carry has CC, a shield, an ability which spawns a bunch of portals which he can teleport to, and an ultimate that lets him dash through people and apply a deadly mark which then explodes, dealing a ton of damage.

Then there’s  Snapfire. She’s a ranged support/nuker with a shotgun blast that slows, an ability that gives your dragon toad or an ally a cookie which lets them leap in front and stun enemies, a spray of gattling fire that slows enemy attack speed, and her ultimate is a barrage of fiery artillery which leaves firespit on the ground that damages and slows enemies.

New couriers from the Outlanders update
Image credit: Valve

A huge update to couriers

Then, there’s a crazy change to couriers. Everyone automatically gets a courier now. They get levels when your hero does, and each level comes with more movement speed, health, and gold per minute. But, the craziest change is that couriers now get to use items. See, with certain levels, couriers obtain special abilities. At level 5, they fly. Level 10 gets them the Speed Burst active ability. When they get to level 15 they can use wards. At level 20, a Shield active ability is obtained. And, at level 25, they can use items in general. I haven’t played Dota 2 in quite a while, but this is a huge change. The extreme late game makes is so that each player has a lot of extra options in their arsenal thanks to their couriers and the items that they can both carry and use.


Then we have a new type of neutral building, Outposts, and neutral monsters can drop items.  Outposts can be found on the spot where Side Shops were. You can take control of them. When you first capture them you get XP, and after 5 minutes you can get XP again for capturing them again. It gives the team that controls it unobstructed vision and you can teleport to it. The Outposts aren’t active for the first 10 minutes of the match.

62 unique items that drop from neutral monsters

Last, but not least, there are the neutral item drops. Neutral monsters from the map have a chance to drop these. There are five tiers of them, you can’t sell them, but you can give them to allies. A specific type of item can drop only once for each team. This adds a whole new layer of exciting RNG to the game for both the mid-game and the late game in Dota 2. It’s safe to say that the Outlanders update is going to change everything. This isn’t even counting the redesigned map, changed items and changed heroes. You can check out everything that was added/changed on their official site.

Outposts from the Outlanders update
Image credit: Valve

This is a huge update, and I’m very excited to see if this is going to revitalize the dying Dota 2 player base!

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