Dragon Age II Deserves A Snyder Cut

David Gaider, the former Dragon Age lead writer, revealed what he would do with a Dragon Age II Snyder Cut.

Dragon Age II Snyder Cut
Image credit: BioWare

A rushed development massacred Dragon Age II

I know I was enthralled with Dragon Age: Origins. Complex and deep characters, a grim but believable world, a brooding atmosphere, and excellent RPG mechanics. Then BioWare announced Dragon Age II. I, and many others, were ecstatic. Anyone that played the first game couldn’t wait to see what they would do with the second game.

However, rushed development kills the best of ideas. That’s exactly what happened. An empty city, bland environments, a good but insanely rushed story. So many unexplored storylines, character dilemmas, and a poor ending. BioWare had to cut a lot before Dragon Age II released. And it shows, but the former lead writer spoke about what could have been.

Would Dragon Age II be as good as Origins with a Snyder Cut?

I’m not sure many RPGs could hold a candle to Origins, but David addressed a lot of problems of the sequel. David went on a rant, explaining everything that was cut or unfinished.

The ending was incredibly dark and depressing. Yet, Origins had that as well, but it leads up to it with the story slowly building to a bitter end. Dragon Age II did no such thing. David also mentioned a plot where Hawke was dealing with the burden of being a mage. Dragon Age’s mages have the biggest “Stare into the abyss for too long and the abyss stares back” problem, yet our hero never had this issue.

Kirkwall was also supposed to change over the years, which would have addressed the biggest issue with that city. It would feel more like an actual settlement and not a series of walls where thugs and other human enemies just appeared out of thin air.

Maybe some games need a Snyder Cut to achieve the potential they had but was taken from them by greedy and hasty executives that just wanted to release a sequel to a well-received game. What do you think? Let me know your comments and opinions in the comments section down below!

Dragon Age II Snyder Cut
Image credit: BioWare

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