Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets Special Modes For Switch Version

Since its launch in January, Dragon Ball FighterZ has been one of the biggest games of the year. The simple yet robust fighting game captured the imaginations of all who love the series, as well as some who are more casual with it, by bringing to them visuals that look straight from the anime itself. Plus, as noted, the mechanics are rather simple, so it’s easy to learn, but hard to master, putting everyone on an even playing field. And in September, it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch.

This wish has been nearly a year in the making. For the game was announced for Xbox One, PS4, and PC at E3 2017, and it wasn’t until E3 2018 that Dragon Ball FighterZ was confirmed for Switch. It’s coming out in September for the console, and Bandai Namco has broken down a bit of what you can expect from the Switch version, including a surprise or two.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

First and foremost, there was a rumor that a beta for the Switch version would be coming in August, this has now been confirmed to be true. However, we don’t have a specific date for it just yet. However, with August not far away, it’s safe to bet the reveal will come soon.

The bigger reveal however is that a series of modes will be coming to the Switch version that isn’t in the other FighterZ versions. First up, there will be local multiplayer via 1v1 and 2v2 modes. Given that the Nintendo Switch is a mobile platform, this makes sense for them to do this.

Second, there is going to be a 6-person Party Match mode, offline only though. Again, given that Switch owners can come together to play this together, it makes sense for them to do that.

No word on whether these modes would come to other systems.

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