Dragon Ball FighterZ Has Shipped 3.5 Million Units

The Dragon Ball franchise is one that is very popular among anime and manga and TV viewers. But, it’s also had a very successful lineup of video games. From Budokai, to Xenoverse, to many others in between. But it was clear that the team at Bandai Namco wanted more, and so they decided to hire Arc Systems to make a new twist on the genre. So, they put their heads together and made Dragon Ball FighterZ, and from the moment it was revealed, it was a hit.

In fact, it was so much of a hit, that it outsold pretty much every single Dragon Ball game ever in opening sales and lifetime sales. Now, Bandai Namco has revealed some hard numbers as to how well the game has been doing since its launch in January of this year.

For according to their Twitter handle the game has shipped about 3.5 million units. Not bad for an anime fighting game, huh?

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Now, it should be noted that “shipped” is a little different than “sold”. For shipped means that this many copies were sent out all over the world, and thus they’re there to be purchased. However, it’s also fair to note that they wouldn’t have had to ship that many if they didn’t have a need to. So at its very base, it’s fair to believe that Dragon Ball FighterZ has sold over 3 million units.

This not only includes the physical versions, but the digital ones too. Which is good to know because sometimes that gets excluded. While Bandai Namco didn’t give a breakdown as to what consoles sold the most versions, it’s expected that PS4 and Xbox One are No.1 and No.2 respectively. Though, the recent release of the game on Nintendo Switch probably helped things too.

Either way though, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a massive hit, and proof that you can teach an old dog some new tricks.

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