Dragon Ball FighterZ Lost 80% Of Steam Players In A Week

It’s one thing to get a person to buy a video game. Sell it the right way in regards to the premise, story, gameplay, and you can often get people to take a chance on it. Now, getting a person to continue playing that game? That’s a harder thing. For if a person isn’t intrigued by a game enough to keep playing it, or not to play it for a certain amount of time every day, they won’t. This feels seems to have found its way to Dragon Ball FighterZ on PC.

This may come as a shock, for as you may have heard, it set a new record for fighting games on Steam by having the most players active during launch, with 44k playing the game. But, now just a few weeks later, that player base has dropped by 80%. That’s a massive drop, and could be seen as worrying for the title.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Now, there are some key factors that have to be noted here. One, hype can do amazing things, and it’s very likely that the game’s PC base bought into the hype and rushed to get into the game, but then slowly fell out, or maybe just slowed down, and aren’t trying to play it as much as those first few days.

The second thing to note is that fighting games don’t do well on PC very often. Even massively successful titles like Tekken 7 don’t maintain a consistent player base on PC for very long. True, Dragon Ball FighterZ did drop their player base faster than Tekken 7 did, but it’s two totally different games, and they both ended up in the same place.

Finally, the game has sold over 2 million copies. If 44k are playing on Steam, that means there’s basically a million per on each of the two consoles, and those players may be playing it a lot longer.

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  1. SmarterThanYou says

    Soooooooooooooooooo, like EVERY OTHER GAME TO EVER COME OUT!?!?!? Why is it, everytime a game releases, “reviewers” feel the need to state there is a player drop after. Yes, people buy, they play a little, maybe they like, maybe they don’t, maybe they waiting for friends, maybe a lot of factors… But if 98% of games (I’m being conservative in that estimation) have a major player drop after a week or two, WHY THE F*CK do you think it’s news?


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