Dying Light 2 Finally Gets a Release Date

After so much trouble with its development, the highly anticipated Dying Light 2 finally has a solid release date.

Dying Light 2 release date
Image credit: Techland

Dying Light is an outstanding game. The open world combined with crazy parkour and tons of zombies turned out to be an insanely good combination. Who would have thought? I mean the game has a 95% Positive User Review score on Steam. That alone speaks miles of the game’s quality.

This is exactly why everyone got so anxious during the sequel’s development troubles. We covered Dying Light 2 extensively as soon as it was announced, and we hoped its development hell wouldn’t escalate. Considering how big the game’s world is and how intricate its systems are, the problems weren’t a surprise.

But, not to worry, the new gameplay trailer arrived and washed all our worries away! Check it out here.

It has everything you wanted to see, from insane parkour, bloody combat, and all kinds of horrifying zombies. A bit more was shown about the game’s factions and how you can interact with them. But the most important revelation is the release date. We’ll be seeing Dying Light 2 on December 7th, 2021.

However, there’s one problem with Dying Light 2 and its release date. That issue is the possibility of a delay. No one wants to see each and every triple-A game delayed 4 times.

Are you excited for Dying Light 2? Will it be as amazing as they hype it up to be? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Dying Light 2 release date
Image credit: Techland

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