Dying Light 2 Getting New Game+ This Week

Rejoice hardcore fans of replayability, as Dying Light 2 is getting a New Game+ in an upcoming patch. Unfortunately, there is still no news of Dying Light 2 crossplay, which is something everyone has been asking for. But you take what you can get, and this is a welcome addition to an already excellent open-world parkour zombie killing game.

Dying Light new game+
Image credit: Techland

Dying Light 2 has ferocious zombies, but once the new patch drops things are going to become wild. The game is already insanely big with tons of content to experience. Still, those that are yearning for more can look forward to the Dying Light 2 New Game+. Leap through buildings, butcher both humans and zombies, now with all the equipment and skills you unlocked through the first playthrough.

Just know that you need to pick up the grappling hook and paraglider again. They’re too powerful to be used right from the start, which Julia Szynkaruk said himself.

The New Game+ is the perfect time to select different story decisions. It’s always entertaining to see the story from a different perspective. This patch even fixes some annoying bugs which were plaguing Dying Light 2 co-op. Hopefully, this puts an end to the infinite death loop.

Dying Light new game+
Image credit: Techland

We’re also getting new parkour challenges, a platinum medal reward for the best of parkour gods, and 30 new inhibitors. Oh, new special encounters and a new quest are also waiting for you!

The Dying Light franchise is available on HRK Game, heavily discounted mind you, so grab Techland’s latest open-world blockbuster today!


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