Dying Light 2 Now Has A Photo Mode

Dying Light 2 gets a photo mode, among other things, as Techland starts its plan to support the game with free content and updates.

Dying Light 2 photo mode
Image credit: Techland

Dying Light was updated for a long while after it launched. The game got a ton of updates and content over the years and Techland aims to do the same thing with Dying Light 2. The sequel was also a major success, selling over 5 million copies as of right now, and there’s even a major story DLC on the way. However, today we talk about Dying Light 2 and its photo mode that came with patch 1.4.

Dying Light 2 is a terrific open-world sandbox game. There are a lot of places to explore, many places to parkour around, and all kinds of zombies and humans to take down. Capturing any of those moments is going to be a joy with the photo mode. However, Techland did say in their blog post that you might not be able to use the photo mode in certain action sequences or poses, but that’s to be expected.

The Dying Light 2 photo mode has:
  • A variety of camera manipulation tools, such as aperture, focus distance, zoom, and roll, that can assist you in creating dynamic screenshots.
  • Filters and color tweaks such as temperature, exposure, saturation, contrast, and vignette that will make each photo merely brimming with climate and style.
  • Special Effects that will help you to create one-of-a-kind action movie sequences.
Dying Light 2 photo mode
Image credit: Techland

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