Dying Light Gives Free Enhanced Edition In Final Update

Dying Light is giving away its Enhanced Edition for free with the Final Update, which marks the end of a series of updates for this 2015 open-world parkour zombie-killing extravaganza.

Dying Light Final Update
Image credit: Techland

Techland showed love to Dying Light ever since it was released. Continuous updates pushed the game to astonishing heights and now we’re at the end. Dying Light also got a fantasy spin-off. Dying Light – Hellraid is another great title, so check it out if you like parkour and beating up fantasy monsters.

Now, the Dying Light – Hellraid Final Update is here. It brought a lot of gameplay tweaks and fixes to the game, new tutorial screens, bug fixes, and so on. There’s even a new kind of chainsaw weapon, but that’s not the main part of all of this. All owners of Dying Light automatically get the Enhanced Edition for free. So, if you own Dying Light, you will get the Enhanced Edition that comes with:

  • The Following (expansion)
  • Bozak Horde
  • Cuisine and Cargo
  • Ultimate Survivor Bundle
  • Crash Test Skin Bundle

Quite a lot of stuff to get for free, so if you own Dying Light, enjoy your freebies!

Dying Light Final Update
Image credit: Techland

If you’re over Dying Light, then there’s the sequel, Dying Light 2, which has everything you loved about the first game and then expanded greatly. Both the first and the second game are available on HRK Game for a greatly discounted price, as are many more games.

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