EA Addresses Battlefront II “Canon” Issues

Despite its sales and praise in parts, Star Wars Battlefront II is without a doubt one of the most controversial games of the last few years. Mainly because of the Microtransactions and the “pay-2-win” feeling that it had when it first launch. Not to mention the ridiculously hard progression system that the game has at first as well. Though EA and DICE has fought to make it better, people are still noticing flaws, including ones in the canon.

That might seem odd that Star Wars canon would be a flaw in Battlefront II, but it had to do with the armor that the Clone Troopers wore on one of the planets. On Reddit, the team took to the site to address the “new canon” that was being put into place and why it mattered.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

“The topic of Clone Trooper armour is one that we’ve seen a lot of feedback on across the last few months and back in December last year we mentioned that we were making some changes to the Clone Trooper appearance system. We’ve heard a lot about authenticity when it comes to Clone Troopers and how they look, which is why we have been working closely with our friends at Lucasfilm to ensure that each legion is representative of how you would expect them to look. One of the key goals for what we outline below is to bring you a lot more variety and choice to your Clone Trooper experience while retaining this authenticity.”

For clarity, here are all of the Clone Trooper units in the game now:

  • New Default “Shinies” (incl. Navigational Officer)
  • 501st Battalion
  • 327th Star Corps
  • 91st Recon Corps (w/ new helmet)
  • 104th Wolf Pack
  • 212th Attack Battalion
  • Coruscant Guard
  • 41st Elite Corps
  • 181st Armor Division
  • 87th Sentinel Corps

More changes are possible if the game demands it.

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