EA Says Battlefield 2042 Development Isn’t Slowing Down

Journalist Jeff Grubb said that Battlefield 2042 development is slowing down, but EA reached out to deny such rumors.

Battlefield 2042 development
Image source: DICE

Battlefield 2042 didn’t have a very successful launch. Buggy, bland, and overall quite boring. So it’s only natural that Jeff Grub said that the dev is just rushing to pump out promised content and move on. That would make sense, they missed the mark with this one, so it makes sense that they would abandon the game.

However, EA says that isn’t the case. The dev team isn’t trying to get everything done and move on to the next game:

“There is a significant team across studios focused on evolving and improving the Battlefield 2042 experience for our players, and at the heart of that is our team at DICE,”

“We are committed to the future of Battlefield 2042 and our areas of focus for the game, based upon what we have heard from our players, was laid out in our recent Development Update(opens in new tab).”

Maybe Battlefield 2042 can redeem itself with its first season that launched yesterday. We got a new map, a battle pass, and a new specialist. Let’s be hopeful and see what future content brings to the table.

Battlefield 2042 development
Image source: DICE

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