EA Won’t Bring in-Game Ads to Their Titles

Seems like the report which said EA made a deal with a certain company to bring in-game ads to its titles is completely false.

EA ads
Image credit: Hi-Rez Studios

Ads aren’t inherently evil like people assume they are. They’re a great marketing tool if used correctly. However, I’m not entire sold on the idea of in-game ads. Seems like a strange thing to put in a video game, but playerWON has an interesting approach.

Hi-Rez, the studio behind Smite, already made deal with playerWON according to Axios. According to player feedback, people are happy to watch a 15- or 30-second ad if they get rewarded with in-game currency or some other special item.

This opens up a ton of marketing possibilities in free-to-play games, but EA reportedly expressed interest in this service. But as you can imagine, those rumors sparked an instant wildfire within the gaming community. So EA reached out to PC Gamer to dismiss the rumors about the ads.

EA won’t put ads into console games and they haven’t struck any deal of that sort. This isn’t something they’re currently looking into, but I have a gut feeling they will definitely fiddle with in-game ads in the future. Let’s just hope this gut feeling is wrong.

EA ads
Image credit: Hi-Rez Studios

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