Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One Open Beta Starts This Month

Frontier Developments has announced today that there will be an open beta for Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One on January 25th, and will be available for free.

Set for launch in Q1 2018, Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One will be the first update for the third season of the game. This sees the Thargoids launching a brutal assault on starports, threatening humanity with devastating effect. The ongoing player-driven narrative continues here, along with a number of gameplay enhancements which will upgrade the gameplay experience. ED gives players the chance to choose their path, whether they choose to fight, trade or explore the insanely big galaxy.

efore launch, the open beta for Chapter One will be available to Elite Dangerous players on PC, with a first look at new content as well as have a hand in the development of the update. This beta offers Wing Missions boasting team-based objectives, which can be completed with friends and other players online. There’s also advanced Trading Data, which gives better details and better flowing transactions.

Elite Dangerous is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. The beta for the first update of season three will launch sometime in the next few months it seems.

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