Epic Games Are Branching Out Into The Automotive Industry

Seems like Epic Games want to use their Unreal Engine for all kinds of things, some of which are connected to the automotive industry.

Epic Games

Epic Games have been here for quite a while. They made a lot of money with their Unreal Engine, but most of their success came from the phenomenon that is called Fortnite. Looks like the company is ready to fully branch into other industries. The automotive industry is using VR technology in order to showcase their new cars. This is where their Unreal Engine comes into play. How does this work exactly? Well, this is what Crain’s Detroit Business post said:

Unreal Engine is an end-to-end game design toolset capable of rendering photorealistic imagery on the fly. Ford used an Unreal-powered VR experience as part of the 2020 Explorer’s debut at the 2019 North American International Auto Show, while 1,000 Audi dealerships around the world have interactive Unreal-based car configurators accurate down to the last lug nut.

From the looks of it, Epic Games are ready to venture into new business environments and expand their already hugely influential company. They are coming to Detroit in order to offer better and faster service to their automotive clients that are using their Unreal Engine.

Epic Games

While Fortnite is probably going to remain as Epic Games’ number 1 source of income, it’s understandable to see their interest in other fields. From the looks if, they already implemented their Unreal Engine into certain parts of the automotive industry. It’s so cool to see technology that’s mostly used for making video games have other interesting applications.

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