Epic Games Details New Competitive Developments For Fortnite

2018 was a record year for Fortnite is numerous and possibly countless ways. First and foremost, it took the crown away from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as the top Battle Royale game, and then continued to grow and expand the franchise with amazing updates, loads of new content, and special crossovers like getting Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet in the game. And just as impressive, there have been eSports tournaments of the game all over.

For 2019, Fortnite is aiming to do even better in the competitive market, so Epic Games made a “State of Development” post outlining their vision:

Our in-game tournament system allows us to bring prized competition to a large group of players, and we’re eager to include more regions of the world. Winter Royale was operated through the in-game tournament system and featured more than 9,200,000 players across North America and Europe competing during the two-day qualifiers. We just recently introduced parts of our new tournament backend system that will enable new features in the near future such as in-game leaderboards, tournaments that take place across multiple knockout rounds, and more varied events to keep the play experience fresh and fun.


They go on…

As part of our system upgrades, earning a pin or achieving a high placement during a qualification round can now advance you further in that tournament – or even unlock a new, private tournament which is only available to players who successfully managed to earn a pin.  We’ll be experimenting with a variety of approaches and tournament structures utilizing these tools over the coming months to see which types of events provide the most fun and exciting experiences for players of all skill levels. 

They’ve also revealed some tournaments that they’re officially teaming up with:

Throughout 2019, we plan to support a number of high quality, third-party tournament organizers. So far this year, we’ve partnered with the Australian Open, ESL in Katowice, ggCircuit and a few local event organizers.

Check the full post for all the details.

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