Epic Games Store Giving Away Free Games Throughout 2020

Looks like the Epic Games Store is continuing its trend of giving away free games and it’s making it last through the entire year of 2020.

Epic Games Store free games
Image credit: Epic Games

Epic Games have given a lot of free games since their store launched. At one time they gave out 12 free titles. Is it strange then that they’ve announced that they’re continuing to give away free games throughout 2020? No, not really. The selection throughout 2019 was pretty impressive. From unusual pixelated roguelikes to strange platformers, the diversity of these games was insane. You can find anything for everyone. They’re also free, and I’m pretty sure everyone likes free stuff.

But, is this going to improve the Epic Games Store? What’s with the features that were promised but never arrived? No one knows. When you head over to the News section of the store it’s all marketing for free games and new and exciting releases. Now I’m not a person that blindly defends Steam. Valve does take 30% from developers for providing them with a platform to sell their games. Epic takes only 12%. But Epic’s digital distribution platform is bareboned. It’s missing a lot of features that a store like this needs to compete with a giant such as Steam. Hopefully these features get implemented sooner rather than later.

Epic free games 2020
The Bridge
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