Epic Paid $115 Million for Borderlands 3 Exclusivity Deal

The ongoing Epic vs Apple lawsuit revealed a lot of things with one of them being the amount Epic paid for the Borderlands 3 exclusivity.

Borderlands 3 exclusivity
Image credit: Gearbox Software

Borderlands 3 is a strange game. It probably has one of the best takes on the looter-shooter genre. Both when it comes to gunplay, combat, and the massive amount of loot you find. An impressively engaging and addictive shooter, especially if you pick it up with some friends.

But then you have the disgustingly cheesy writing, obnoxious villains, and annoying jokes that absolutely never stick. Quite a balanced game, but not quite as perfect as Borderlands 2, considered by many to be the magnum opus of the looter-shooter genre.

Well, most also hated that Borderlands 3 had an exclusivity deal with Epic Games. At first, it was just speculation, but it became a sour reality not long after. Yet, Epic paid a hefty price for that 6-month exclusivity period. $115 million, $15 million for marketing, $20 million in non-recoupable fees, and $80 million in advance as a guarantee for the game going on sale and such. You can see it all in detail in their performance and strategy review from 2019.

It was a good decision, as 1.5 million people picked up Borderlands 3 and 53% were new customers. Meaning they came to the store just to buy that game. Exclusivity pays off, even though it makes most of the PC community absolutely hate you.

Borderlands 3 exclusivity
Image credit: Gearbox Software

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