ESO Introduces NPC Companions In Blackwood Chapter

ESO introduces NPC companions in the Blackwood chapter that can help out solo adventurers in their daily lives.

ESO NPC companions
Image credit: ZeniMax Online Studios

ESO always has this issue where it wants to be an MMORPG but also a single-player game. It can’t be both, unfortunately, but it’s trying hard to please fans of both genres. That doesn’t work all the time, but there’s something exciting coming with the Blackwood Chapter.

Players who love adventuring on their own but find it difficult to take down enemies alone can now get help. Don’t worry, no need to team up with other players. Now you get companions. As in single-player Elder Scrolls, players can enlist the help of Companions.

Unlike actual players, ESO doesn’t make its NPC companions as strong, but they’re incredibly helpful. Whether you need a tank, DPS, or healer, your Companion can be just what you need. Not only that, but they’re fully customizable. Equipment, costumes, mounts, abilities, it’s all up to the player to select to suit their needs perfectly. Companions also have personalities and preferences. Some may hate seeing you steal, while others won’t care.

An ESO blog post announces the arrival of Mirri Elendis and Bastian Hallix with Blackwood while also diving deeper into Companions and how they work.

ESO NPC companions
Image credit: ZeniMax Online Studios

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