Evil Dead: The Game Shows Bloody and Gritty Gameplay

Evil Dead: The Game finally shows us all the over-the-top action against the Deadite monstruosities in a bloody gameplay showcase.

Evil Dead: The Game gameplay
Image credit: Saber Interactive

Saber Interactive worked on a lot of games. They’ve made World War Z and Killing Floor 2, so this team is capable of making a co-op multiplayer game where you take down evil creatures that are out to get you. And one player gets to play as the evil creature, which is always a plus.

Anyone that’s familiar with the Evil Dead franchise knows about its eccentric take on violence. Everything is gritty, bloody, and satisfying to watch. Perfect for a video game, right? But can the team transfer all that blood and gore into a game? Well, take a look for yourself:

Ah, did you see how each melee hit packs a punch? Every attack has weight behind it and the impact is beautifully shown. It seems the focus is on savage melee weapons and brutal execution animations. However, it seems there are still some guns available for quick kills.

The Evil Dead: The Game gameplay looks absolutely amazing. Are you excited to see more? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Evil Dead: The Game gameplay
Image credit: Saber Interactive

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