Evil West Announces September Release Date

The people behind the Shadow Warrior reboot have announced the Evil West release date and showed a gritty trailer as well.

Evil West release date
Image credit: Flying Wild Hog

The Wild West, infested with vampires and other supernatural monstrosities. You’re a monster-hunting agent sent to eradicate the big bad and stop this unholy war. And let’s mention again that Evil West is being developed by Flying Wild Hog. The people behind the Shadow Warrior reboot know how to make action visceral and glamorous. Check out the trailer down below to see vampire blood and guts get thrown everywhere yourself:

Quite insane and gritty, a perfect combination for a Wild West third-person shooter. One where you use cool guns and unique gadgets to rip apart supernatural beasties. Evil West has a pretty close release date as the game arrives on September 20th, 2022.

Evil West features:

  • Bloody single-player and co-op content
  • A Wild West setting with a dramatic flair and supernatural vibe mixed in
  • Perks, weapons, and other types of tools available for our monster hunter hero
  • A story-driven campaign where you have to save America from a sinister threat

Quite an interesting blend of elements. Evil West might just be a breath of fresh air for third-person shooter fans.


Evil West release date
Image credit: Flying Wild Hog

Prepare for Evil West by playing through Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior games, all of which are available on HRK Game for a discounted price!

  1. retro bowl unblocked says

    wow! So cool!
    Will the movie appear this Halloween season?

  2. cookie clicker says

    this is awesome!

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