Fable Reboot Is Launching Before The Elder Scrolls 6

Even though we know nothing about the upcoming Fable reboot we at least know for sure it’s launching before The Elder Scrolls 6.

Image credit: Playground Games

Playground Games is the studio behind the Forza Horizon games. They’re quite skilled when it comes to creating engaging and enjoyable racing games. Yet, I didn’t expect them to work on the Fable reboot. Seems like a strange decision to put them as the devs, but you never know.

As someone that didn’t play the old Fable games but knows a lot about them from watching tons of videos and playthroughs, I know the franchise takes a more light-hearted approach to your typical fantasy setting. It doesn’t try to be too serious, dark, or heavy in any way.

Which is exactly the same thing Phil Spencer talked about in an IGN Unlocked podcast. Phil’s an all-around amazing guy so definitely check out the podcast to hear his thoughts about the gaming industry and Xbox’s plans.

One of which is the Fable reboot, which is coming before The Elder Scrolls 6. Which makes total sense considering Bethesda isn’t even done with the design phase of the game. The game’s going for the light-hearted approach once again and it’s going to be very British. That’s it, that’s all the information he had about the Fable reboot…. Well, you can always go and watch the announcement trailer again.

Image credit: Playground Games

Head on over to HRK Game and get yourself a PC game key for Fable Anniversary. It will keep you occupied until more news surfaces about the new Fable if anything.


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  1. Vorson says

    Fable’s never been that,” Spencer continues. “Fable’s clearly always been a little more light-hearted and a little more British, I think I could say, and I think Playground will keep it there.” Then he says we’ll be playing it before another biggie: “Elder Scrolls 6 is further out, and when that comes out I think it’s going to be incredible.
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