Fallen Order Has Vortex Support Now Making Modding Easier

Fallen Order how has Vortex support which will make any modding operations you make much easier and simpler.

Cal getting choked by an enemy
Image credit: EA

After a lot of misses, EA finally managed to land a hit with Fallen Order. A solid singleplayer action-adventure with fun game mechanics, an ok story, mediocre characters, and some bugs. Absurd actually how much people love this game just because EA hasn’t released anything remotely enjoyable for a while. Fallen Order in itself isn’t anything mindblowing. But, when you compare it to previous EA titles, it’s outstanding. Now, let’s talk about some good news for you modding enthusiasts, as Fallen Order now has Vortex support.

The guys over at Nexus Mods support the modding ambitions of many. Any game that can be modded even in the smallest way will get some kind of support from Nexus Mods, be it a mod manager or something else. At the moment, Vortex supports PAK-file mods. Any non-PAK mod won’t play well with Vortex, so you should avoid those ones. But other than that, modding this Star Wars experience should be a lot easier. Great news for anyone that wanted to mod some new Lightsabers into the game or some cool new outfits!

Cal talking with his allies
Image credit: EA

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