Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter Is Staying For A Bit More

Fallout 76 is making its battle royale mode, Nuclear Winter, online for longer than anticipated as the players seem to enjoy it.

Nuclear Winter was announced at E3, and a lot of people were surprised. Bethesda said they wouldn’t make a battle royale mode for Fallout 76, but that was obviously a lie. Still, it seems that the players are enjoying this new game mode, or at least that’s what Bethesda claims in this post. The mode looks and plays, well, average. It isn’t anything new, it doesn’t innovate or add anything that we haven’t seen in other battle royale games.

Still, even though its buggy and has weak gunplay, this battle royale mode is more fun than some expected it to be. When you think about it, the Fallout setting is quite perfect for a battle royale. This mode also has quite a lot of changes that were made specifically to make the whole experience better. Monsters are easier to kill, there are 10 exclusive Perk cards, the C.A.M.P. setup has been simplified, VATS only works on AI, and nukes got their power decreased.

Since Nuclear Winter isn’t going away on June 17th as Bethesda originally planned you can try it out right now. While Fallout 76 disappointed a lot of Fallout fans, maybe this mode manages to reclaim that lost faith. Who knows, let’s just hope that Bethesda doesn’t let their greed creep into Nuclear Winter as it did in the base game.

What are your thoughts on this battle royale mode? Let us know in the comments section below!

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