Fallout 76 Release Date Leaked?

Can anyone keep a secret these days in the gaming industry? Leaks everywhere, developers doing their hardest to keep release dates a secret, and then you hear about the new Fallout 76 game and that it is going to be released on July 31st, 2018. Now, this obviously can’t be real, even though it was leaked on Amazon, which gives it a lot of credit, but then an edit was made very quickly which then set the release date of the game to be December 31st, 2019, which is much more probable.

Fallout 76

The people over at MassivelyOP managed to screenshot the Amazon release date, but it was changed later. Why would they put such an early release date only to suddenly change it to be a year later? We don’t know for sure, but maybe Bethesda is going to clarify things at E3.

Even though most of us hope that we would get a new Elder Scrolls game when Bethesda said they were announcing a new game, we got Fallout 76 instead. We aren’t too optimistic for this title, as their last game, Fallout 4 was a pretty big miss as a Fallout game, and it was more like of an average post-apocalyptic shooter with some RPG elements mixed in. Maybe this one will be better, but who knows, let’s just hope that they bring a little more Fallout to their Fallout titles.



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  1. Mateo says

    You do know that it isn’t really gonna be 12/31/2019. They only do that till they get an offical release date….

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