Far Cry 6 Team Announces A Minor Delay

Far Cry 6 devs have announced that their newest entry in the series has been hit with a delay, but a minor one.

Far Cry 6 delay
Image credit: Ubisoft

2020 is a horrible year. The global pandemic is still raging on, devastating industries left and right. But, in times when you can’t go outside much, playing video games is a blessing. So, with nothing else left to do, we can all play all those titles that are sitting in our Steam libraries. Dusty, forgotten, untouched for a long while. Or, we can play some new releases. However, since most people are working from home, business is tough. That problem is especially significant in the video games industry. Delay after delay, no game is safe. Cyberpunk 2077 is a recent victim, and it’s not the only one. Far Cry 6 is also getting hit with a delay.

The devs announced it on Twitter. It’s the standard Covid-19 situation, everyone is working from home. Which makes the process of making a triple-A title much, much harder. We’re going to wait a bit more before the game releases. It’s a shame, considering this is a rare occasion of a Far Cry game looking promising. The initial release date was 18th February 2021, but we should expect it sometime after March, or even later. Those unfamiliar with the latest Far Cry entry can see the world premiere down below. It’s quite exciting so I suggest you check it out.

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