Far Cry 6 Will Use the Third-Person Perspective

Ubisoft finally confirms that Far Cry 6 introduces the third-person perspective in some limited way for certain parts of the game.

Far Cry 6 third-person
Image credit: Ubisoft Toronto

The Far Cry franchise never tried to experiment with the third-person view. This is understandable, they want the player to look at the world through the character’s eyes directly. However, some examples were too faithful to this ideology. Far Cry 5 never gave us a chance to look at our character during a conversation or a cutscene or anything like that. It made it seem like the protagonist wasn’t even a tangible part of the game’s world and story in a way.

Well, looks like Ubisoft is ready to make some changes. We’ve all seen the gameplay trailer that came with a release date. That’s where the player uses a Supremo backpack to launch a barrage of missiles. During that time, Far Cry 6 switches to a third-person perspective.

But, it won’t be the only time you see your character in third person. Ubisoft revealed more information in an interview with GameSpot. Far Cry 6 switches to a third-person perspective when you’re inside guerilla camps as well. Players see their characters while they’re talking to other characters.

Once you leave the camps the camera switches back to the first-person perspective. Definitely an interesting change and I’m quite excited to experience it myself. What do you think of this addition? Does Far Cry need small amounts of third-person or no?

Let me know in the comments section down below!

Far Cry 6 third-person
Image credit: Ubisoft Toronto

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