Far Cry New Dawn Will Have Light RPG Elements

The nuclear explosion changed a lot of things, even adding light RPG elements to Far Cry New Dawn.

Far Cry New Dawn

A post-apocalyptic environment, new weapons, new insane enemies, and some RPG elements. Wait, did we just say RPG elements? In a Far Cry game? That’s right, it seems like the devs want to try out some new things, which is obvious because of the fact we will be able to craft guns that have ranks. These guns with ranks will then be useful when we fight certain enemies that also have ranks. That Twitter video did a really poor job of explaining what any of this means.

This is all done so that Far Cry New Dawn has more depth. For example, once you conquer an outpost, you get two options. You can either take the outpost and all of its resources, or you can squeeze it (which from what we understood meant that we would abandon it). Will our choice affect the world and character around us in any way? We don’t know, as the Twitter video wasn’t all that insightful.

Far Cry New Dawn

When you squeeze (abandon) the outpost, it remains empty. That means that the enemy can return there, and make it more dangerous by investing more resources into it and fortifying it. Basically, you can leave it so that the opponents make it an even bigger challenge for you.

Far Cry New Dawn also has teh Prosperity home base where players get to rally their allies and invest in the base, which unlocks more upgrades.


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