FIFA 18 Version 1.07 Gets Patch Notes

It’s very important for developers to bring patches and updates to their games, especially since players are attuned to finding bugs and glitches that the developers sometimes miss. Furthermore, when it’s an online title that gets played a lot, many bugs can be unexpectedly found just from the sheer volume of matches that are done. This goes double for sports games, as players all over the world are battling it out for supremacy. And that goes triple for FIFA 18 because Soccer is the world’s game.

FIFA 18 released earlier this year, and not surprisingly, there have been many bugs and issues that have plagued the game. But, EA has arrived with a new patch to fix some of these issues. Version 1.07 has released to the PC version of FIFA 18, and the console versions of the patch will soon follow.

Bugs that have been fixed includes one that causes the screen to freeze when the goalkeeper scores a goal. The game suddenly freezes during his celebration. Wouldn’t have thought to check that out to see if a bug was there. A similar bug though actually skips the goalkeeper celebration.


Another interesting bug features players being able to control a different player in a Skills game, this has been fixed so you’re controlling the correct one. Or how about your player character disappearing in the practice arena for trying to use the Juggle skill too often? That’s been fixed too.

There was also an online bug that was fixed where the game would crash after a series of events happened leading up to an invite to the Pro Clubs Friendlies.

Version 1.07 also brings changes and fixes to the Ultimate Team mode, and even adds some 2D portraits for some characters within the game.

Be sure to check out the full Patch Notes to see everything that’s being added so you won’t feel left out.


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