Fig Backer Says Phoenix Point Got $2.25 Million For The Epic Store Exclusivity

Perhaps now we actually get to understand just how much Epic Games pay for the exclusivity deals like the Phoenix Point one.

Phoenix Point

Everyone suspected that Epic Games give devs a whole bunch of cash for them to sell their souls to them. Now, thanks to a Fig backer, we may get a semi-accurate number. ResetEra members have been busy with math, trying to crack down exactly how much Snapshot Games got for their deal with Epic Games. In order to spare you the horrors of math, as no one actually likes math, it seems Epic Games gave the devs approximately $2.25 million for the deal.

The scary part of all of this is that Phoenix Point isn’t a triple-A title. It isn’t being made by a big developer that already has the money to create something with a great deal of polish. That being said, how much do you think Ubisoft got for bringing The Division 2 to the Epic Store? It’s quite scary to think about all the things that Epic Games can do with the obscene amount of money at their disposal.

Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point backers were the people that get screwed over the most. No one told them that the game they helped get created with crowdfunding would end up getting $2.25 million for an exclusivity deal that they didn’t even know was coming. That’s a form of betrayal in our opinion, and it’s sad to see that devs place more trust in Epic Games’ money than in the fans that helped them even create their game in the first place.

Phoenix Point

What do you think, are these calculations accurate? If so, how much did Epic Games give to other developers for their exclusivity deals?

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