Final Fantasy XV Half-Life DLC Available For Free For PC Players

One of the best things about video games is that sometimes a developer realizes that they don’t have a real need to keep something going as a “limited-time” offer, and just decide to give it away after a while. Well, that’s exactly what’s going on with Square Enix in terms of Final Fantasy XV for PC. For while the game had some exclusive pre-order DLC in connection with Half-Life, Square Enix has released a tweet making some news about its availability:

In the tweet, they said this:

The #FFXV Windows Edition Half Life pack was supposed to be removed from Steam today but due to popular demand we’ve decided to make it available indefinitely, for everyone, for free!

For those who forgot, the Half-Life pack contained numerous items from the fan-favorite game that helped change the narrative in games as a whole. The pack would let Noctis or your Comrades (from the multiplayer aspect of Final Fantasy XV) character wear a Half-Life suit, a pair of scientists glasses, and wield a crowbar. Just like Half-Life main character Gordon Freeman.

Final Fantasy XV

Heck, as seen in the picture above, you could even tailor your Comrades character to look somewhat like Gordon Freeman, it’s your choice!

To have this available to everyone on PC, instead of just everyone who pre-ordered the game, shows that Square Enix really does listen to their fans and wants them to be happy. Now, sure, I’m positive there are those on console who want this pack, but, it makes sense why it would only be available to PC players.

The real question though is what will the future hold for Final Fantasy XV? We know there are going to be more episodic content for the game, and there is going to be more DLC no doubt, but when and where? We’ll have to wait and see.

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