Former Scalebound Producer Doesn’t Think Game Will Come To Switch

As of right now, Platinum Games is one of the most beloved and repected game makers out there in the world right now. They’ve made many hit titles, including ones like the Bayonetta series (which is getting a third installment soon), and Nier: Automata, among others. And now, they’re getting ready to release a new IP in Astral Chain. But, there was a point not so long ago when they were almost forced to close down their doors. And that was because of a game called Scalebound.

Scalebound was a bold RPG that mixed action-packed combat with dragons, and it was meant to be an exclusive on Xbox One. The game was progressing very well, with trailers being shown regularly, and Platinum very excited about the title. But then, suddenly, Microsoft canceled the game, which almost broke Platinum in the process. No one knows exactly why it was canceled. But they do know that rumors are surfacing right now that it’ll come to Switch.

Whether the rumors are true or not isn’t certain at the moment, but it is a curious thing, and everyone is weighing in on it. Including a former member of Platinum Games, the former producer of Scalebound in fact, JP Kellums. Who said on Twitter after being asked about it:

I don’t know. I don’t work there anymore and haven’t talked to anyone about it, but I’d highly doubt this is a thing.

The biggest contention for the bringing of the game to the Nintendo Switch is the IP law,  and Kellums acknowledged that as a problem as well:

That and hardware differences. At that point, it makes more sense to just make a brand new game. It’s not like Scalebound was a beloved IP. It never got a chance to be that.

It could definitely still be coming to the Switch, but until it’s official, it’s just a persistent rumor.

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