Fortnite: Advanced Tips On Rushing Bases

What do you need to be a winner? Becoming a champion in such an intense battle royale game as Fortnite may be quite tricky. But it is possible.

All you need for the victory is a good strategy, patience, and the best Settings for Fortnite. The rest mostly depends on your skills and luck.

However, with the right approach and some useful tricks from this article, you will be doomed to succeed!

Pulse Grenades

Want to toss enemies out of their bases? Then use pulse grenades to your benefit! For this, aim at the opponents’ base and throw the grenade. After it hits the base, you will see your opponents falling down from their base. You can also use pulse grenades to take enemies down from hills and skyscrapers.

Don’t Wait

When is the best time to attack? We recommend this: whenever you see opponents building something, do not wait until they finish. Instead, fire at their bases while they are building. During this time, constructions are more vulnerable, so it won’t take long to destroy. This trick will help you to exhaust your opponents and even deal with some damage.

Rush Bases The Right Way

This can be quite beneficial and fun if you know how to do it right! For better results, attack when your opponents are busy with building their cover so that their guard would be weakened and don’t forget to use the same material in order not to make too much noise and don’t let opponents notice you.

Aim At The Bottom

If you are planning to destroy the opponents’ cover, the best way to do this is to aim at the bottom of construction. This will save you time and ammo. If you hit the bottom of the building, the whole base will destroy, and your enemies will fall down. Besides, if the cover was high enough, this way your enemies might get damage.

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