A Fortnite YouTube Stream Attracted A Million Viewers

Everyone who is staying up to date with the gaming world is aware of the Battle Royale craze that is taking the gaming community by storm. One of the games from this genre, called Fortnite, has been especially popular amongst gamers, and even some celebrities, mostly popular rappers (Drake, XXXtentacion, and a few others) that have been live streaming the game themselves or appearing on streams of other people. If you thought that the 635,000 people that watched Ninja’s Fortnite stream with Drake were a large audience, then you’ll be surprised to learn that a million people watched a Spanish YouTuber called elrubius last night on his YouTube stream.


So, what did attract this many viewers to elrubius’ stream? Well, he organized an event where the 100 top streamers in the world would play Fortnite and try to kill each other. This, of course, was a major event, even though there was no grand prize or anything like that for the winner, no, elrubius did this just for fun, but it ended up being a huge sensation that a lot of people tuned in for, a lot more than anyone would have expected. The slaughterfest was uploaded on his channel for those of you that missed it, and the video itself has over 15 million views as of now.

The Battle Royal version of Fortnite is free, but you can also grab the game’s PvE Standard Edition, which is currently 40% off, and you even get a free mystery game with your purchase!


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