Fortnite Team Answer Fan Questions On Reddit

Fortnite is in a rather interesting position right now. First off, they’re totally winning the war that is the Battle Royale genre. And they have a very loyal fanbase because of it. But, recent updates haven’t been the best, and Apex Legends is aiming to try and usurp them in some ways. So, it’s up to Epic Games to try and keep their gamer base satisfied in numerous ways. So, to get a pulse on what the fanbase is thinking, a few members went to Reddit to answer questions.

One such question was about ziplines and their function in the game and how they can evolve it:

“Vending Yes!” said Fortnite’s Creative development director. “Zip lines not likely they have a lot of specific gameplay and setup requirements that would be difficult to move over. We’re focusing more on things like custom vending machine and other devices that can be used in multiple ways to make games.”


Another big feature that players have is the ability to edit terrain in Creative Mode. Which of course can give players a lot of freedom in regards to the islands they make and the games they can create in Fortnite. But by Epic Games own admission, they’re still figuring out how far to go with it:

“We’ve wanted Terrain tools since our first release, but it’s a pretty large project,” Fortnite’s programming lead for the Creative mode said. “One of our goals is to provide tools that allow you guys to create worlds that are of the same quality that Epic creates. The way that Fortnite‘s terrain system works is actually pretty complicated, so we’re still figuring out how we want to expose this for Creative.”

So as you can see, Epic Games still has some things they want to figure out about their game. But, they are listening to fans, and they want to make sure they get the most out of it.

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