Fortnite Winter Royale Tournament Has A $1 Million Prize Pool

Fortnite has really grown, immensely so, as Epic Games set a $1 million prize pool for the Fortnite Winter Royale Tournament.

FortniteThis shouldn’t be this strange. After all, Epic Games are making quite a lot of money with Fortnite. It seems they are making insane amounts of cash, as the Fortnite Winter Royale Tournament is only a test event that is supposed to emulate the World Cup Qualifications. Right, so this is only a test tournament, but it has a $1 million prize pool. Strange to see how Fortnite and PUBG were once equals, but now one game has a crazy prize pool for a test tournament while the other game is still riddled with bugs.

Those of you that want to participate will get a chance during November 24-25, which is when the open qualifiers are taking place. Then, from November 30-December 1 the European finals take place, while the North American finals last from December 11-12.


Players will be able to earn a high score and get recognized during the tournament’s qualifying period. The most skilled players, and by that we mean the top ranking ones will be invited to participate in the finals for their own region, since only North American and European players are able to participate in The Winter Royale. Don’t worry, Epic Games said that other upcoming tournaments will be available in other regions as well.


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