Four Months After Its Release, PlanetSide Arena Is Shutting Down

PlanetSide Arena, the battle royale game that came out merely four months ago is shutting down its servers in January.

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Judging from the User Reviews on Steam, PlanetSide Arena was not a bad game. It was a solid battle royale title that was mediocre in most aspects. But, you could have fun with it. So, where did it fail? What was the downfall of this shooter? Well, as we all know, the battle royale genre is overcrowded. If you don’t have a unique gimmick or put a quirky twist on the already established genre, your title will be overshadowed by Fortnite and PUBG. Also, PlanetSide fans were not happy with this game. They wanted Daybreak Game Company to continue working on PlanetSide 2. But, the devs wanted to hop on the battle royale hype train. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out in the end. Four months after it released, PlanetSide Arena is shutting down its servers early next year.

DLC cant be purchased, and you can’t obtain the premium in-game currency. However, if you want to give this title a shot, it’s free. So before it completely goes off the radar on January 10th, 2020, give it a spin. Enjoy it while you still can. You may even end up liking it!

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Daybreak Game Company

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