Frostpunk Is Getting A Free New Expansion

Frostpunk is one of those games that you love and hate at the same time. But, you can love it a little more now as it’s getting a free expansion.


When we said that you love and hate this game, we didn’t mean that it had bad elements or anything like that. It is actually quite a gripping and challenging survival game. But it doesn’t play nice, and it’s one of those games where a tiny mistake could cause a lot of damage. Still, the mechanics and the way that you have to play in order to survive is immensely enjoyable, and also very difficult. Yes this title is not for casual gamers, it’s much more suited for those hardcore people that like a real challenge.


But, that’s enough about the game. Let’s talk about “The Fall of Winterhome”, the game’s free expansion. All Frostpunk players can expect this free piece of content on September 19th. What is it bringing exactly? Well, it is a story-driven expansion, and it will feature lots of new content and some fresh innovations of certain Frostpunk mechanics. Players will be getting a brand new map with improved visuals. It seems like this expansion is also bringing some lore to the table, as we’ll get to find out what happened to the fallen town of Winterhome.



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