Get A Lot Of Goodies In Sea of Thieves Via Your Twitch Prime Account

Sea of Thieves is offering a lot of goodies to any player that has a Twitch Prime account, and all you need to do is link the two accounts.

Ship from Sea of Thieves
Image credit: Rare

Are you a proud Twitch Prime member? Do you also enjoy sailing the seas and drinking rum with your buddies in Sea of Thieves? Then I have an awesome treat for you. You see, there’s currently an offer that you might like. One that involves you getting a Celestial Steed Ship Livery, an Amethyst Soul Capuchin, and a Competitive Emote Pack. What do you say? Do you want to decorate your ship with a dark purple color? And decorate your character with an adorable purple monkey? All you have to do si link your account on which you have a Twitch Prime membership active with your Sea of Thieves account. Click this link to do just that.

Monkey from Sea of Thieves
Image credit: Rare

A lot of people are Twitch Prime members, and a lot of games give you freebies when you link those accounts with the accounts of their game. This is no exception. Now, your drunken pirate adventures can be enjoyed in the company of a violet monkey. Each pirate needs a companion such as this. Sea of Thieves is a game where you fool around a lot anyway, and this little guy will add and extra charm to that.

Pirates from Sea of Thieves
Image credit: Rare

You can buy your Sea of Thieves Xbox One/Windows 10 game key on HRK Game for a discounted price right now! It’s an even better experience if you have some friends to enjoy the game with you!

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