God Of War Almost Had Some Big DLC

There’s a lot of questions that a game developer has to ask themselves when they work on a title with their team. Genre, gameplay style, and more are a few of the big things, but ever since the modern era of gaming came, the question of DLC is a must. Some games are literally built to be continued or improved upon by DLC, but others aren’t, and that’s fine. And for some, like Santa Monica Studios, the team behind God of War, the idea of DLC is enticing, but likely too big to do.

This comes from God of War Director Cory Balrog, who noted in an interview with IGN that DLC was on the table for the game, but…it was too big, too grand, and would’ve taken a long time to do.

“There was a time when I wrote a couple of DLCs that we were talking about. Ok, what if we did release some other stuff after?” Barlog said. “You know, there are interesting ideas but I think the amount of time we’d have to put into it, it would start to end up kinda like a Left Behind or a First Light kinda thing where it’s just so big…like Lost Legacy of something like that.”

God Of War

“I think I have a difficulty with the lower ambition portion, that I end up [saying] ‘maybe it’s a little too big!’”

In case you missed the references, Balrog was talking about games that had “DLC” that was more expansions than anything else, and it appears as though that’s the scale that Balrog was already thinking of. Given that God of War is already a mega-hit, all the ideas that he and the team have for DLC can easily now transfer into the next game which you know is going to be made.

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