God Of War Director States Certain Choices Will Be Felt Sequel

One of the more popular things video games have done in the last decade or so is have gamers make choices that affect the outcome of the title. Then, if the game has a sequel, those choices will have an impact in the new game. This not only allows for a true connection between the titles, but gives players incentive to go back and play the first game a different way to see how the sequel changes. And apparently, this is going to be happening with God Of War.

It’s not surprising that the PS4 God Of War title is getting a sequel, it was a smash hit in every way imaginable, reinventing the franchise in a big way that both fans and critics loved. So, how will your choices affect the sequel? Well, director Cory Balrog explains:

“Every one of those things is a part of the whole tapestry, they are critical to propping up the whole story,” Barlog himself told GamingBolt in a recent interview. “We are putting a lot of pieces in motion, and when going into the second one, all those pieces are leading into the whole. The whole is a very complex story, that I am trying to figure out how to break down into the simplest elements, so you can push through it with a clear understanding of what your goal is. So, using the example of a beginning of a game, of Fallout 3, it’s a complicated game, it’s a vast and crazy labyrinthian story, but begin that game, you find out “my dad’s Liam Neeson! My dad is missing!” Now find your dad. Right? And that’s the pivotal driver. It’s a reverse Taken.”

God Of War

Given the end of God of War with that big teaser of a certain legendary Norse god finding Kratos and Arteus, the possibilities for the sequel are endless, and whatever you did in the first game will play out in the next one.

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