God Of War Gets Infographic From Dev Team

When ranking the best-selling and best-reviewed games of the year, there’s no doubt that God of War for PS4 is going to be on that list. After all, this was not only the game that got 10/10 by numerous websites, but also was bought by over 5 million people, and counting. The game was a major divergence from what the series was before, and it rocked both old fans and new gamers by how deep it was in its story. And since so many people have played it, Santa Monica Studios decided to make an infographic about it.

“Since the launch of God of War and more recently New Game+, we’ve been in awe of all the amazing playthroughs and reactions from you – specifically, the different combat styles and armor loadouts from Brok & Sindri you’re using to strategically dispatch your enemies. If you haven’t taken on a Valkyrie yet, you’re missing out.

We thought it would be fun to create an infographic to share some of the most popular ways the God of War population is approaching the combat in the game; not to mention seeing how those brave souls, who have been tirelessly battling the Valkyries, are faring against the Queen, Sigrun. Did you also perish 100 times before finally defeating her in Give Me God of War mode?!”

Here’s the stats below:

It’s impressive to see how many people have done certain things in God of War, not the least of which is how popular certain armor and weapon arrangements are. But given that there is a lot of variety, it’s not surprising that many chose similar things.

The question now is, when will the sequel come? The game made a tease to what might come next, but there’s been no official sequel confirmation. As such, gamers will just have to wait to see what’s next.

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