God of War PC Review – Sony’s Perfect PC Port

The time for a God of War PC review is finally here. One of Sony’s best PC ports made everyone fall in love with Kratos and his journey with his son across the stunning Nordic lands. Outstanding dialogue, mature themes, satisfying combat. If you want to buy God of War on Steam but aren’t sure it’s worth it, just read this review.

But before we get into that, let’s answer the most commonly asked questions about the game!

What is God of War?

God of War is the fourth entry in the God of War series that sees Kratos go on a long journey with his son, Atreus.

Who made God of War?

Santa Monica Studio developed God of War and PlayStation PC LLC published the game.

What time does God of War release on PC?

God of War was released on the PC on January 14, 2022.

How much does God of War cost on PC?

You can buy God of War on PC for 49,99€.

Where can I buy a cheap God of War key?

You can find a cheap God of War key on HRK Game.

God of War PC review
Image credit:: Santa Monica Studio

 God of War on the PC is a masterpiece

This God of War PC review is here to show that this game is a masterpiece. And we all know that by now. Solid combat, outstanding writing, voice-acting, and superb art direction and visual presentation. Sony gave it their all with this PC port, and we finally have a PlayStation exclusive on PC that’s as amazing, and maybe even more, as it was on the console.

 Outstanding PC port

Sony’s track record for dependable PC conversions continues with God of War. While some customers had issues with Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone when they were released, Sony and its game dev teams worked hard to bring them up to speed. It looks that some of that information was translated to God of War, since I’ve had nothing but a perfect experience with this build.

God of War and its PC performance

Sony’s efforts to fully leverage the benefits of Windows and PC gaming are evident in God of War’s mountain of display settings and accessibility options. God of War and its PC performance are excellent, which gives us hope for future Sony PC ports. Even the God of War PC system requirements isn’t that high for a game that looks this good. So if you were on the fence about buying God of War on Steam because the game looked super demanding, don’t worry, it isn’t.

Absolutely gorgeous

Aside from its performance, God of War is a piece of art in terms of art direction. The soundtrack is lovely and varied, cutting deep during the game’s most emotional moments and ascending to cinematic heights during setpiece boss encounters. Every axe blow, bone snap, and skull smash is felt strongly.

God of War PC review
Image credit:: Santa Monica Studio

Midgard’s environment is likewise quite diversified. It extends beyond the typical real-world Nordic landscapes, yet even these look incredible, with snow tessellation, beautiful lighting and weather, and crisp details. God of War shines in the elven realm of Alfheim, which radiates with exotic meaty coral architecture and old ruins torn by civil war.

A peculiar take on the Nordic mythos

The representation of the warring elvish groups is unlike anything I’ve seen in recent takes, with Dark Elves looking almost insectoid. God of War, like its predecessors, subverts well-worn tropes, usurping Greek mythology to tell a new story. It depicts Kratos himself, who often rebels violently against expectations. 

God of War is a work of audiovisual art, and the high quality of its PC adaptation bodes well for future Sony products that cross over from PlayStation to Windows. God of War is an uncommon game in that its art style combines flawlessly with its story and gameplay execution, both of which defy expectations. As you can tell, I had a lot of fun playing the game for this God of War PC review, as there’s a lot to enjoy from a consumer and reviewer standpoint.

Kratos is still a God of War

Kratos remains a God of War, and the game doesn’t forget his roots. While you can look at this game as a reboot, it gives enough homage to the previous titles that it feels more like the fourth entry in the franchise. In the original games, Kratos was an anti-hero. A man used and manipulated by the Greek pantheon. A man driven to a path of vicious revenge that ended up claiming the lives of all gods.

The journey of a father and son

But after God of War III, Kratos left Greece. It seems he found his home on the icy mountains and the vibrant forests of the North. Surprisingly, Kratos, the God of War, settled down with a wife and had a son. His life consisted of taking care of his son as Faye passed away. Her only wish was to scatter her ashes at the land’s highest peak. That’s when Kratos and Atreus go on a long journey to reach the mountain top that touches the sky.

God of War PC review
Image credit:: Santa Monica Studio

Naturally, many gods, twists, and strange things happen along the way. At the very beginning of the game, we have Kratos brawling against another godlike opponent, and their clash splits the very earth beneath them. It was quite a start, one I did not expect when starting this God of War PC review playthrough.

A violent past, grief, and overcoming grief

God of War is one PC game that blows you away with its story and dialogue. Those familiar with the previous games from this franchise will find a lot of recurring themes, although shown in a different life. Kratos is a man whose violent past clings to him like a bunch of heavy chains. While he’s still an angry and bitter man, that demeanor is lessened by his son, Atreus, whose childlike curiosity and innocent nature are the complete opposite of Kratos.

God of War PC review
Image credit:: Santa Monica Studio

The relationship between father and son, dealing with grief, and overcoming said grief are all motives explored beautifully by God of War.

The Leviathan Axe

The Leviathan Axe is a technological masterpiece in modern video games. There isn’t another weapon like it in any game I’ve played, and its use blends in like a paintbrush of destruction with Kratos’ character animation and the game’s physics. Did I mostly use the Leviathan Axe while playing for this God of War review? Well, I guess you can figure that much yourself hehe. 

Kratos can utilize his axe in various ways that become more complex as your strength level increases, such as freezing rivals (or puzzle items) in place or cutting flying opponents out of the air.

Mastering the Leviathan Axe makes you feel like a true God of War

Of course, you may use it to butcher opponents into gory chunks by dynamically juggling them in the air before chopping them in half. When you master the Leviathan Axe, you will feel eternally powerful, dancing around enemy hits while tearing their flesh from their bones. When you get bored of it, the game will throw new foes, epic boss events, and new weaponry your way to keep things interesting.

God of War PC review
Image credit:: Santa Monica Studio

If you’ve thrown the Leviathan Axe at an opponent, you can quickly call it back boomerang-style, cutting adversaries in the process. You may also use it to pound opponents into bloody chunks with your fists and Sparta-inspired shield before ripping them apart with a magnificent contextual execution at the finale.

Although a child, Atreus is a worthy partner

Atreus, although a child, is a competent companion. His confidence and power grow as the game progresses, and his magical bow and his ability make him a dangerous threat to many enemies that the pair faces.

The game’s combat is as satisfying as can be. Although the behind-the-shoulder camera position can sometimes be janky and clunky, it’s nothing that takes away from the experience too much.

Excellently tied progression and exploration

With a progression system tied into the exploration, God of War has a ton of content for you to enjoy. And make no mistake, the game’s content is entirely hand-crafted and unique. No randomly generated side activities meant to keep you occupied. Midgard is a marvel of a world, filled to the brim with engaging objectives and stories to unravel. Challenging dungeons, creative puzzles, and secrets of all kinds are waiting for Kratos and Atreus to find them.

God of War PC review
Image credit:: Santa Monica Studio

While I’m not a fan of crafting in these games, some people enjoy it. Kratos can bolster his power by finding crafting materials to create more powerful armor and gear. Once you acquire certain tools later down the line, you can backtrack to previous areas to access the content you couldn’t before. God of War is a rare PC game where the open world is a delight to explore and not a chore.

God of War on PC stands a cut above the rest when it comes to open-world design

It’s a shame that many modern open-world games come nowhere close to this game’s level. Sony did a marvelous job with this title, and it’s a gem that stands far above the rest.

God of War, polished to a sparkling shine, serves as a model for any company trying to transition their console-bound blockbusters to the important PC gaming market. God of War is beautifully calibrated and has a plethora of setup choices, which bodes well for future PlayStation projects.


There’s not much else to say about the game that hasn’t already been said in this very God of War PC review. Simply put, God of War is a work of art. God of War is simply a cut above the rest, a landmark experience that publishers other than Sony simply do not seem to be able to replicate, from its first release in 2018, through its PS5 upgrade, to its PC edition. Incredible artwork blends with ambitious storytelling and razor-sharp combat to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. God of War is a fantastic game.

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