God Of War Still Has A Secret That Hasn’t Been Found

Video game developers spend a lot of time working on their titles, putting in tons of effort so that every detail of the title is good. From the story, to the gameplay, the graphics, how the world flows, it’s all a very time-consuming and stressful process. So, to lighten up the mood, developers will often put Easter Eggs in their titles to have a little fun and encourage the players to look for them. For the team behind the rebooted God of War franchise, they apparently put a lot in their game.

Some of these Easter Eggs have already been found, and have shown how they connect to not just God of War, but to other franchises. Including how there’s basically the Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel Comics in the game, among other things. But, Santa Monica Studios lead Cory Balrog notes that one major Easter Egg has not been found just yet.

God Of War

“I always think that people usually figure things out within hours, and the fact that we went a week without people figuring things out was impressive,” said Barlog. “It would be like the nuclear disarmament cinematic in Metal Gear that only got leaked because of a bug or something, and it probably would have gone unnoticed beyond that otherwise… I don’t think I have anything as amazingly meta as that. But I still think there is one thing that no one has found yet that I know for certain, because I haven’t seen any stories about it. Now I’m not going to tell you what that is, but I don’t know if there’s any cinematics per se, it seems like people have been able to get all the permutations. Not one person, but everyone collectively.”

This secret, whatever it is, must be very well hidden, or so inconspicuous that no one has noticed it yet.

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